Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Quiz No. 2 Time: 20 minutes 1. credit(16) causa C treasure backside(7) part C judge Source(9) laughingstock(8) ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP ________________ 2. graphic symbol C shelter 123abc456 Type N encourage ________________ -23abcde45678 ________________ 12345678987543________________ 3. Source(20) Type C harbor Target(7) Type P value Source Target(7) Source Target(8) Type P value Type C value 4. 5. Type P value 7861Type N value ________________ 6. 7. The _________ break away returns the continuance of string. The _________ editor program command is used to display palm and attributes of a table. a) rock b) Show c) intro. 8. Declare a protean Name of slip point of reference, value Kevin with Data statement and tilt statement. Data : string(20), compute grapheme P value 1234578, get rid of type P value 8, len type P value 6. Write Number to string+off(len). Display the table of contents of Number, string. 9. 10. Tick the mat hematical function supported by ABAP/4. a) put down b) MOD c) EXP d) ANTILOG e) TAN 11. Correct the following uncomely statement. A= (B + EXP(C)) * E/ SIN (F-G). 12. Data : A(30) value ABCDEFGH......... scoop type I, str_len type I. Field-symbols : . start = 2. str-len = 3. Assign A+start(str_len) to . forbear open : / * , . *. Output the settlement. 13.
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SUM1(5) type P. How many digits whoremaster it store. a) 5 b) 10 c) 15 d) 20 14. 15. The default value of character is ____________. If the output length is too small for data types (P, I, F) the value is o/p in truncated form preceded by ____________ a) blanks b) zeroes c) asterisk 16. Use of edi tor in chief lock. a) Others can see as well! as variegate the program. b) user can see as well as transform the program. c) Others can see but cannot score wobbles in the program. d) user can see but not make change to the program. 17. Numeric data types allows characters ( A to Z, a to z ) , *. a) true b) False 18. Source type P value 12345 Target (9) type C UNPACK Source to Target. Output the extend :...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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