Thursday, November 10, 2016

Points on The Catcher in the Rye

Section 1: The Catcher in the rye whisky talks close a teen boy named Holden Caulfield who near cant seem to fit in with e rattlingbody else at old Pencey laid-back School. bit drugs and alcohol horror the high status school, Holden unspoiled cant visualise a rung in either educational success or societal success. Pencey is described as a school where preppy kids who like to do drugs and party go. Sure in that respect are those kids who thrive on noesis and will sure as shooting find himself on a ride to an IV unify with no problem. Holden got kicked out of Pencey imputable to lack of work value-system and he didnt genuinely care nearly school. At first I couldnt find myself next to a person like Holden his faculty is purely negative and pessimistic, whole he talks intimately is how he hates people and the world.\n that after analyzing his character, I began to find agreements between my person and Holden. Holden is very intelligent and doesnt contri scarcee to t he masses with the knowledge he possesses. He chooses to come about all told his talent to himself. He is a teenage juice reamer and a heavy ass smoker who has virtually friends but in my mental picture they poke fun him and stain there action problems on him. I approximate that in the first section of my reading, Holden is a conceited sick self centered ogre who thrives on creepy veto and doesnt care about education and will credibly end up mop up the floor in some bar or hotel for a living.\n\nSection 2: While Holden tries to keep quiet about his expulsion, he is also blowing all his money on drinks and prostitutes which he never indulges in some(prenominal) sexual act with but still offers the one metre fee for their diverse services. In my opinion Holden is not sexually active but he says he is just to attend to cool. as do other sex craving teens say. I felt throughout the phonograph recording many things were repeated which make the book somewhat unlikable and annoying. I dont like Holden in my opinion; his character is inferior to every other character in the book, lacking the confidence...


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