Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lobbyists and the Texas Government

Lobbyist be a very regent(postnominal) force in Texas government, in the first carry because they interact frequently with the governor, lawmakers and motley other state officials at the very time man policy decisions atomic number 18 world made. With the enforcement of the Lobby Law by the Texas morals delegating (in Chapter 34 of title 1 of the Texas administrative Code T.A.C. Chapter 305 of the Government Code) haves individuals, companies and groups take to testify and report the come up of money paid to lobbyist with Texas ethical motive Commission and file reports (Texas ethical motive Commission).\nLimits are placed on the amount of money companies and groups guide on lobbying in Texas. These rules are enforced under the contemporary Ethics Commission rules and states if a person is retained or an employee, earning more than $1000 in a calendar low-down as compensation or reimbursement to lobby they must register as a lobbyist (Texas Ethics Commission). It i s important to have these limits and to contend what interest group lobbyist are supporting in place as well as the required ethics instruction because these lobbyist are seeking to talk through ones hat state policy and legislation. I believe without the enforcement (there are 25 states that do not require lobby registration or reporting) the public would not be aware of how much peculiar(a) interest groups are conk to influence public policy. A groups financial resources also stop its power (Government and Politics in the Lone Star State. Pg. 101).\nMy overprotect (James Morrison) spend a litter of time in capital of Texas gathering information for the Texas Commission on Environmental superior which is dealing with some urine issues this upcoming legislative session. My founding father runs a local verdant water supply follow that provides quality driving water to rural people in Northern Walker County. invulnerable drinking water is unendingly a top botheration of his as well as what lawmakers are doing in capital of Texas that affect the rules and guidelines he follows. We...


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